Getting a message

Recieving a message via a voice command onto your smartphone:

Adding the “message me” function:

Currently the Google Home mini does not (unlike Alexa) support device to device calling – or direct messaging / SMS. Although this may be added in the future in the UK, as external PSTN calling is supported in the USA / Canada.

So setting up a “OK Google Message [name]” takes a bit of a work around.

What you need to do is install and use the IFTTT agent –

Specifically the agent.

This will allow you to have a facebook message sent to a linked facebook account, via a voice prompt. Takes a bit of doing, and I’ll detail the steps and screen shots on a linked website – but in an hour it was possible to get Google Home to respond to “Ok google tell [name] [message]” and get a immediate facebook message with the [message] from the IFTTT bot.

This would allow me to be able to recive a direct message from my father without him having to use phone (which he can’t) etc. should he ever need to get hold of me – just with a simple voice command.

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