Standard useful voice commands

Useable and useful commands that work out of the box for dementia support:

“Ok google what day is it?” – you will get the date / day
“Ok google what time is it?” – you will get time
“Ok google play bbc radio 4” – plays radio 4 within a few secs
“Ok google set a timer for 10 minutes” – will confirm a set a 10 minute timer, that will beep when time is up
“Ok google how long left on timer” – will tell you time left
“Ok google stop” – stops playing radio or silences alarm/timer
“Ok google remember [xyz]” – we remember what you said
“Ok google what did i ask you to remember” will repeat what you asked it to remember
“Ok google add [apples] to shopping list” – will add item to your shopping list
“Ok google what is on my shoping list” – will list your shopping list

I’ll keep adding to these as I find more.

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